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Favorite ELR Quotes Mug

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Created with you, our ELR 360 LIVE! family, this mug features some of the greatest lines from the show. Every time you make your morning coffee or tea, you'll be reminded of the most memorable moments from ELR.

Featured Quotes: Everybody Loves Raymond  |  AIS  |  You're a trophy wife? What contest in hell did I win?  |  I can't talk, there's too much fruit in the house.  |  Habba-na-dah!  |  Geezaloo  |  I don't like that Raymond.  |  Don't let a suitcase filled with cheese be your big fork and spoon.  |  Who's the nutcase now?  |  You'd have to be a cook to understand.  |  Nice? I tried being nice once. Didn't care for it.  |  Ah-noy-ing-ah!  |  Holy Crap!  |  Is this about me?  |  And then she aaate it!  |  You are an idiot wrapped in a moron.  |  That's going to need another coat.  |  Just so ya know.  |  Saboteur!  |  Stohma-cha-chuh.  |  We are meant to be.  |  I love you. There, I said it.